Living Arrangement Benefits All Involved

Her name is Viola and she lives in an apartment in downtown Manchester. She has been a widow since she was 29, raised her three boys pretty much on her own and is now 82 years old. Everyone knows her and likes her and her neighbors keep a watchful eye out for her.

Viola sold her house many years ago and decided that she wanted to be closer to other people and have access to activities and opportunities to socialize.  With a small savings from the sale of her home and a very limited fixed income, Viola was able to successfully move into an affordable apartment and has lived here for 9 years.

Recently she has become confused and forgetful. Her friends and neighbors have spotted her outside, wandering around apparently not knowing where she is or where she is going.   She has changed significantly in her appearance and her demeanor and it is obvious that something is wrong.

Her family sought medical attention and Viola was quickly diagnosed with advancing Alzheimer’s.

Medically she was fairly healthy but her safety and ability to care for herself was now in question.  She takes some medication but with the recent changes in her behavior her family is feeling uncertain about her ability to manage her medications herself.

With the help of some of the caring people in her building and with the cooperation from her sons, Viola was placed in one of our Adult Family Care Homes.

Viola has very loving and attentive sons but one lives out of the state and the other two are single and holding full time jobs.  They have discussed placing her in a nursing home but they resisted that idea because their mother has always had a great fear of being placed in a facility.  They were searching for some other option and Adult Family Care fit perfectly.  Viola was already eligible for Medicaid and the Choices for Independence Waiver and was clearly a good fit for the program.

After careful matching, Viola was placed with a great family in Milford NH.  The family is comprised of a mother and father, 3 young boys, 2 cats and a guinea pig.  Viola has become part of the family and has the best of both worlds.  Because the mother works from home, Viola has the constant supervision she needs and also the opportunity to be part of a real family.  Viola always loved cats but has not been able to have one since she sold her home.  This is her favorite part of the arrangement.  She loves the animals and is able to help care for them every day.

The provider family not only receives a stipend for the care they provide to Viola, they feel like she has enriched their family in many ways.  The children had no living grandparents and have adopted Viola as their own.

They obviously have their struggles and face many challenges as Viola continues to decline gradually but this family together with Viola’s sons are keeping her safe and happy at home.

Adult Family Care is another program offered by Moore Options for Seniors in conjunction with the Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services that demonstrates our  commitment to keeping people in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

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