In-Home Personal Care -- Hourly

Feat-img-personal-careAs people get older, their health tends to decline which makes living independently at home a challenge. Simple tasks like bathing or using the toilet aren’t so simple anymore and going to doctors’ appointments or grocery shopping can be too much to manage.

In addition to our monthly programs, we offer Personal Care Services on an hourly basis, helping with a wide range of non-medical assistance delivered with professionalism and a personal touch.

Kinship Care & Adult Family Care

Feat-img-home-sweet-homeFamily Care offers a great alternative to a nursing home placement. It provides care in a family setting for those who can no longer live safely and independently in their own home. There are two options:

Kinship Care reimburses families when caring for an elderly loved one, and Adult Family Care enables seniors to live with an unrelated host family. Adult Family Care is available for private pay clients as well as those who qualify for Medicaid. 

Welcome Home - Transitional Care

Welcome Home Transitional Care PlansWelcome Home is a customized care plan for those being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility. We offer several affordable packaged options, and we can also create a specific plan so you can rest assured that your return home will be as safe and smooth as possible.

It’s a fixed-duration program that provides a range of pro-active, non-medical assistance, and the level of care is based on your specific needs.

The Getaway - Respite Care

The Getaway - Elder Respite CareEveryone needs a break now and then, but it’s difficult for when someone depends on you for their daily needs. We can help!

The Getaway Respite Care offers affordable options using professional caregivers so you can have the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands. We can provide care in your home, or for overnight care, instead of going to a nursing home we can use our network of registered family homes.

The Chaperone - Senior Event Care

The ChaperoneWhether it’s a wedding, graduation, or a long overdue family get-together, it’s difficult to enjoy when an elderly family member needs constant care, medication reminders, has time limitations, or just needs help getting dressed and to the event. The Chaperone is the solution.

Our professional caregivers make your loved one feel like a valued part of the event and ensure they have an enjoyable experience.

The Advocate

The AdvocateJust because you can’t be there doesn’t mean you don’t care. Sometimes schedules or geography prevent you from being where you really want to be, and when that happens, you can count on us.

Whether it’s resolving quality of care concerns or using FaceTime to create a special occasion for a remote family, we’re here to make a difference. And for birthdays and special times, let us help create a memorable moment.

The most common cause of an expensive nursing home placement is an incident at home.

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Moore Options for Seniors

Changing the Face of Elder Care

feature_member_of_the_familyMoore Options for Seniors is part of The Moore Center, a human services innovator with over 50 years of experience.

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to serve the community by providing superior elder care that offers the best quality of life at the most affordable cost.

You Deserve Choice!

We understand the importance of living at home, so we offer an array of creative programs to help you remain in a home environment for as long as possible. We provide in-home personal care and innovative alternatives to nursing homes that are significantly more affordable. YOU are our priority, and we have a strict hiring process to ensure we find the best people we can who share our vision for putting your needs above all else.

There are many ways to maintain your independence while also getting the help you need. Our programs and services enable seniors living anywhere in New Hampshire to live independently – with all the support they need.

Learn More About Us

Moore Options for Seniors

We’re an award-winning nonprofit organization that offers home-based programs and services to enable seniors across New Hampshire to live independently – with all the supports they need – including the opportunity to live with a caring family. Read more…


In-Home Personal Care

We offer Personal Care Services on an hourly basis or with budget-friendly monthly care programs, providing a wide range of non-medical assistance delivered with professionalism and a personal touch.  We work with private pay clients, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration.  Learn more…

Family Care

Alternate Living Arrangements

Our Family Care program offers affordable alternatives to nursing homes that provide community-based living arrangements that let seniors live with a relative, through Kinship Care, or an unrelated family caregiver, through Adult Family Care. Learn more…



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